Hand-crafted, non-GMO, Kosher certified, award-winning, world-wide distributed, damn fine pickles.

Founded by Executive Briner Shamus Jones in 2009, Brooklyn Brine has been on the forefront of the Brooklyn food-scene ever since.

Brooklyn Brine’s pickles are made by hand, with the finest ingredients, right here in Brooklyn! Well known for collaborations with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Finger Lakes Distilling, Brooklyn Brine has always focused on creating unique and delicious pickle flavors, while at the same time touching on the nostalgic roots of many.

In the span of 9 years, Brooklyn Brine’s line of pickles has grown not only nationally, but also internationally in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Japan, France and Australia.

Alongside rapid growth, Brooklyn Brine stays true to its roots, hand-stuffing tens of thousands of jars a week, here in our Sunset Park factory. All ingredients are acquired responsibly – sourcing glassware from New Jersey, non-GMO produce, non-irradiated spices, apple cider vinegar derived from New York State apples, and without the use of artificial ingredients or additives.

A fresh twist on a New York City Classic.

Our signature brine rounded out with a bite from Finger Lakes Distilling Rye Whiskey.

A spicy, vinegary punch of a pickle!


Bite-sized pickle chips, perfectly sugared by Finger Lakes Distilling McKenzie Bourbon and Organic NY State Grade B Maple Syrup.


Our sweet bread & butter pickle kicked up a notch by a hit of Habanero pepper.


With a familiar old-world flavor.






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67 35th Street
Suite 5-1 C Box #49
Brooklyn, NY 11232


Pickle Shack Hours

For lunch and retail pickles

Monday-Saturday 11am-4pm


Factory Hours

For scheduled pick-ups

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

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Pickles! Seasonal Ferments! Kombucha! Veggie Burgers and Cheezesteaks and Bahn Mi and Cookies! Monday-Saturday 11-4

Frequently asked Questions

Where can we buy your pickles?

For the best, most up-to-date answer, email us: info@brooklynbrine.com

In the New York area, you can find them here at the factory in Sunset Park, at Whole Foods, at Trader Joe's, Big Y, Perelandra, and the Park Slope Food Coop. We're national in Whole Foods, and regional in Trader Joe's. We're chain-wide in Wegmans, Big Y, and Sprouts, and are carried in a lot of smaller stores around the country. We're also in Australia, Singapore, and Japan. If your store carries our pickles and condiments or if you know of a store that carries them, please let us know and we can make this woefully incomplete list more helpful. This is definitely a work in progress.

Why don't you sell pickles through your website?

We are awesome at making pickles. But we have a very small staff and we don't have the capacity or the materials to do our own shipping. We tried to sell through the website and then ship through UPS but couldn't keep up with demand. We apologize for people who had to wait too long for the arrival of their pickles. Also, about a quarter of the jars broke no matter how much time we spend wrapping them in bubble wrap and writing "FRAGILE! LIQUID! THIS SIDE UP" all over the boxes. If you would like to buy our pickles online, please check out igourmet.com or taldepot.com. They are better at shipping than we are.

Do you do co-packing?

No, But we'd consider it with a product that was also vegan and free of common allergens. We'd need to hold true to our own commitments and ethics, including sourcing locally when possible, not supporting unfair labor practices, etc. We'd also need to consider allergens, kosher guidelines, and scheduling, but it's possible.

We own a store/restaurant/amusement park/haunted house in Springfield, USA. Can we buy your pickles wholesale?

Yes, of course! But we can't do the shipping. If you're local and can pick up, please email us at info@brooklynbrine.com and we'll get you the information you need to come to the factory and pick up from us. If you are not in the city, there are a number of distributors we work with, some regional, some national, and some international. Please email and we'll get you more specific information.

Why don't you pick up the phone?

We try! I wish I could put an audio clip in here. There are some quiet moments in the factory, but for the most of the day there are the sounds of fans whirring, glass jars being placed on stainless steel, the pulling of packing tape, jars knocking around on the labelling line, refrigerator doors being opened and closed, and Katy Perry. We do try to get the phone when we can, but if you have trouble getting through, please email info@brooklynbrine.com. We can call back from a cellphone outside.



Contact Us

Naturally, being a pickle company, not a day goes by that we don’t hear “This may be a weird question…” Please do not hesitate reaching out to us with any, and all, questions and feedback that you may have. We will do the best to get you the answers you seek!


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